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Narrative #2

Chapter 2: LOGAN Before I am about to ask the customer in front of me how he is, I jump at the sound of a glass shattering behind.  I look back to laugh at Charlie’s clumsiness, but I see her sprinting towards the back door. I try to yell out her name, but she keeps running as if she did not hear what I said.  I peer back at the customer I just greeted only to find that he is running out the front door. I don’t know why Charlie is so scared, but I need to go find her to make sure she is safe.  I sprint towards the back in Charlie’s direction, and as I run out I yell “sorry Monique” because I almost slam into her. I swing the door open with all my strength, and try to find Charlie’s bright blonde hair in the darkness.  It is hard to hear because of the rain that is pouring down from the sky, damn Seattle, why does it always have to be raining? I faintly hear the voice of a man so I immediately run towards the chilling sound. As I get closer to where the street and the alley meet, I…

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